Museum L-A

Located in Lewiston, Maine this lovely musuem features the story of work and community from the past and to the present.  The exhibition experience takes guests back in time and it highlights the local history during the Industrial Revolution with a focus on the Bates Mill historic district.  The contributions of local workers–many of whom…Read more »

Case Study on Co-Creation and Crowd Sourcing: History Unfolded

Case Study on Co-Creation and Crowd Sourcing: History Unfolded See the site! Project Description  History Unfolded is a project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) in Washington, DC that focuses on answering the question: “what did American newspapers report about Nazi persecution during the 1930s and 1940s?” (About This Project).  To find answers,…Read more »

Interpretive Planning: what, why and how to do it!

Just what IS an Interpretive Plan? Interpretive plans are for informal learning institutions and serve as a guide for the development of a visitor experience through the definition of major communication goals.  They should connect and guide all aspects of a museum—from exhibitions to programs, classes to marketing, all functions should embrace the interpretive plan…Read more »