For 25 years I have been developing and leading large scale, educationally driven projects through all phases of planning and development. I have ushered projects from start to finish.  

My project types are large and small from $20,000 to upwards of $8 million. But what connects all of them is the desire to make meaning relevant.  To inspire visitors to be curious and to create a sense of connection between the meaning and the visitor.  

All-in-all, I have a passion for museums, for content, for collaborative work and for leading teams as a facilitator.  I can bring together a Board of Directors, staff, content advisers and teams of designers to reach consensus, spark creative conversations, and ultimately produce exceptional plans and designs that connect visitors to the experience. 

I do this work by drawing from a career in museums in interpretive planning and museum design.  My undergraduate work was at Smith College and my recent graduate studies have been with Harvard and the Museum Studies program.  I also have graduate-level work in education, specifically around gender issues in the classroom. I have  licensure to teach science in Massachusetts and at one point, I tried my hand at that for a few years.

I have a second passion in addition to museums. On a hobbyist level I study, train and ride dressage. In turn, I have taught many to ride in the areas of hunt seat although of late, I prefer to be an amateur and enjoy my pivot from hunt seat to dressage.  I own a few too many horses and I am purely focused on welsh cobs as my breed of choice.  Highly competitive, I enjoy showing and training regularly, working with wonderful dressage trainers, riding alongside my inspiring and talented equestrian companion, my daughter, and simply having fun at “the barn”.