Museum L-A

Located in Lewiston, Maine this lovely musuem features the story of work and community from the past and to the present.  The exhibition experience takes guests back in time and it highlights the local history during the Industrial Revolution with a focus on the Bates Mill historic district.  The contributions of local workers–many of whom were immigrants–are also featured and celebrated throughout the exhibits.

**collections item back of house, not on current display**

Currently residing in the historical buildings of the former Bates Mill complex artifacts from the textile, shoe and brick industries can be seen up close and unobstructed.  Huge silkscreens, shoe lathes, and giant looms line the exhibit floor.  Many of which are truly works of art in their own right.  While these collections items now are sitting in silence where once the sounds of the factory was deafening and the heat nearly intolerable, they echo stories of a time and place.

Today the region is vibrant and the integration of cultures continues in the community just as it did during the Bates Mill heyday.  Plans for a new location and exhibit experience are underway for the Musuem L-A.  This is one to watch for—plans are big and the stories even bigger.

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