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I am a museum exhibition planner and designer with nearly 30 years of experience.  I co-own a museum planning and design firm where I work with museums, historic sites, zoos, aquariums and corporate brand centers.  The mission of my work is to reveal content and make it relevant to visitors, broaden its access, and create memorable experiences. 

My museum work begins by laying the intellectual underpinning:  the interpretive soul of the experience.  I work with a team and client to define the story and the messages, the educational outcomes and then apply interpretive techniques to make meaning clear.  I enable deeper layers of content to be found. How do I do this? I use the environment and a design approach to engage emotions, senses and our curiosity.  When I plan environments I consider the visitor’s psychology as much as the educational message.  I study visitors through analytics and I dig into content with curators and staff.  Sound like it a challenge? It is.  And, it is the best job on the planet!  

I work with a team–an amazing team. Experience Design is the firm I co-manage and with that brings a staff with spirit, creativity, passion and imagination to develop solutions that stretch the boundaries of anything I could do alone.  Truly, teamwork, is what makes our projects and our solutions spectacular!  The 18-person staff at Experience Design brings talents in the areas of museum design, content development, graphics, copywriting, image acquisition, media design  interactive design, audience research, software production, exhibit build, exhibition installation, a/v hardware integration.  We have been in business for 35 years and are located in two states!

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